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1. Emissivity adjustable
2. Alarm set
3. Maximum / minimum value
4. Meanvalue

Temperature range: -20~550oC(-4~968)
Resolution: 0.1
Repeatability: ± 1 or 1% ...
Min. Order: 300 Pieces
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Basic function Range
Height Measuring Range 323m
Plane Measuring Range 318m
Resolution 5mm (<10m) 10mm (>10m)
Min. Distance Between Two Cables 150mm
Working Temperature ...
HP201l 3 1/2 digital AC clamp multimeter
1. Function
* AC /DC Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Diode test and Audible continuity test
* Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD with a max. ...
Measure Range 0.05m~60m
Accuracy ± 1.5mm
Resolution 1mm
Back Light √
Auto Power Off √
Measure Speed 0.5sec
Laser Type 650nm, ClassII, <1mW
Laser 30 ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Range 0.1 to 60 m (4in up to 196 ft)
Measuring accuracy ± 1.5 mm (± 0.06 in)
Measuring units M/in/ft
Laser Class Class 2M
Laser Type 635 nm, < 1mW
Auto Bias ...
Min. Order: 200 Pieces
Basic function 2GB
Display LED
Range 7%~35%
Accuracy ± 1%
Resolution 1%
Back Light √
Low Battery Indication
Date Hold
General Features
Battery ...
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
Auto Range
Earth resistance testing
Insulation resistance testing
Phase testing
Voltage testing
LCD background light
New model applied

Testing Voltage: ...
Min. Order: 10
5 Digital LCD Display
Measure Range: 0.5~99999
Resolution: 0.1~1RPM
Laser Measure Distance: 3 cm~2M, 120 degree
99 team data memory
999 Sec. Count
Max / Min / Last data refer ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Scale Range 0~25kg (0~55lbs )
Accuracy ± 20g
Kgs/Lgs Reading Switch Selection
Resolution ± 20g
Tare Function
Tapeline ( Only HP-815AL )
Auto Power Off
Low ...
Min. Order: 300 Pieces
HP9500 Radio high voltage variable ratio tester
Function Current of H/L Voltage the First &Second Loop, Voltage Ratio Leakage Current Online Testing Monitoring, Current Value of ...
Basic function: 970AK

Temperature Range: -30degree celsius~275degree celsius
Distance Spot Ratio: 4: 1
Emissivity: 0.95
Resolution: 0.1degree celsius or 0.1degree ...

1. Function
DC/ AC Voltage, Resistance, DC Current, Temperature, Transistor hFE test, Diode and Continuity test, Tachometer, Dwell.
Display: 3 1/2 ...
Function Measure AC leakage current, current, there-phase, voltage
Test Mode Clamp CT, integral mode
Clamp Size 80mm&times; 80mm
Current Range 0.0mA~2000A
Current Resolution ...
Basic function Range
Measuring Range 0-1999&mu; M
Accuracy ± (3%H+1)
Resolution 0.1 / 1&mu; M

Express function
System Accuracy Adjustment, Zero Point & Two Point ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
1. Function
DC/AC Voltage, DC/ AC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency and Duty cycle, Temperature, Diode\ Continuity test, Tachometer, Dwell. Ms-PULSE, Analog ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Basic function
DC Voltage 400mV~1000V
AC Voltage 400mV~750V
DC Current 400A~1000A
AC Current 400A~1000A
Resistance 400&Omega; ~40M&Omega;
Capacitance 40nF~200&mu; F ...
(1)2 channel A and B
(2)Frequency: 0-50MHz
(3)Sensibility 2 mV / div to 5 V /div Div
(4)Scanning time coefficiency: 50ns/div -0.5s/div
(5)Enter Impedance 1M /20 pF
(6)Display ...
1 voltage out


Range of frequency

Frequency step
Seven-step, ...
Basic function
DC Voltage 400mV~1000V
AC Voltage 400mV~750V
DC Current 4000mA~30A
AC Current 4000mA~30A
Resistance 400&Omega; ~40M&Omega;
Capacitance 40nF~100&mu; F ...
Min. Order: 60 Pieces
1. Safe and Precise non-contact measurements

2. &ordm;C / &ordm;F selectable oC or &ordm;C

3. (0~50 &ordm;C)/ (-20~150 &ordm;C)
Selectable Body temperature (0~50 ...
Basic function Measurement range -50-1400
Minimum resolution 0.1
Show 3 1/2LCDLCD display
Send significant period 2/2 / seconds
Sampling rate 2.5/2.5 times / second

General ...
Min. Order: 300 Pieces
Measuring Range 1.2~225 mm(steel)
Accuracy ± (1%H+0.1)mm
Resolution (&lt; 100mm)0.1mm
Sound velocity Range 1000~9999m/s
Frequency 5MHz
Operation temperature 0~45 degree ...
DC Voltage 400mV~1000V
AC Voltage 400mV~750V
DC Ccrrent 40mA~10A
AC Ccrrent 40mA~10A
Resistance 400&Omega;~20M&Omega;
Capacitance 40nF~100uF
Temperature -20 degree ...